- Our Business Areas -

Bulk Material Handling
Bulk Material Handling
For Bulk Material Handling, we design and build custom made machinery and systems for a variety of industries with an extensive reference list.

All our machines and machine components are produced in our own production facilities.

In addition, we also sell components for the Bulk industry to other machine builders and end users, with Metal Detection and Separation Systems, Motors, Gearboxes, chains, bearings, dust filters, automation products, condition monitoring as well as manufactured conveyor parts.

Water Treatment
Water Treatment
In our Water treatment portfolio, we specialize in sensors for measurement of level and flow,  headwork machinery, decanter centrifuges, filters, sludge storage and handling solutions as well as telemetric solutions for remote areas.

For sensors, we represent some of the leading manufactures of sensors and telemetry products and we have most sensors in stock and we can also offer demonstrations, test installations and rent agreements to ensure you are completely sure of  the result before buying.

Process & Automation
Process & Automation
We have an extensive portfolio of Sensors and Automation products for a variety of industries.

A lot of work we do is related to remote monitoring and telemetry in some aspect where we have a strong productline with all from components to custom made solutions. A few examples are condition monitoring, remote asset monitoring and easy-to-retrofit wireless process sensors systems.

- About us -

Who we are?

GTS is a multidisciplinary Engineering company in Estonia with Swedish ownership and management.

GTS established the Estonian branch 6 years ago with the aim to build up an Engineering company in a strategically good location with a lower cost base than Sweden and Germany, allowing us to create more value for our customers and increase our competitiveness. Still we rely on the same Swedish engineering that has made us famous and has helped our customers around Europe and beyond. Even though the company in Estonia is relatively new, our team involves some of the most experienced people in its field with roots back to the 1970s.

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What we do?

GTS is split into three divisions – Bulk Material Handling, Water Treatment and Industrial Sensors and Automation.

In all these areas we have been focusing on adding value to our customers and being able to offer some of the best products on the market.

We work close with our customers and prefer to build long-lasting relationships and cooperation. Our business is a reflection of our relationship with our customers and so far, we have been exceding all expectations with solid and strong growth in all areas year after year.

Latest News!

The Internet of Things.

It is forecasted that by 2020 there will be 50 billion‘things’ connected to the internet. The internet of things is used to transform business processes
and it is expected that in 2 years from now 96% of businesses will be using the internet of things in some respect or other.

It is more than just laptops and smartphones, but sensors & machines, with data being sent to where it is needed most. This presents a significant opportunity to automation and instrumentation professionals as they can provide the all important link between the factory floor and the world of information technology.

GTS has for the last years been adding to its portfolio of sensors and have some of  the strongest brands, most advanced technology and can offer the best value for money both for its communication devices as well as for sensors. Contact us and we will together take a step closer to the Internet of Things.

Latest News!

GTS is making a serious addition to our wireless sensors and automation portfolio by adding products from the world leading manufacturer Sensinext who has the most advanced industrial wireless sensors connectivity system in today’s market.

Sensinext portfolio will be a valuable addition to GTS portfolio of solutions for distributed assets where Sensinexts advanced wireless sensors is the best solutions for the process industry and other industries with assets in one location.

More info will come on our webpage soon. Meanwhile – contact us!